Terms and conditions of use

Revised April 9, 2020

Please read the following Terms of Use prior to using this website.

JackRussellTees.com was created to bring to our customers and artists a new and exciting venue to wear art that is trendy, relevant to the wearer as well as the artist or create our designs.  We welcome any feedback you wish to provide through our Contact Us email at Customer.Service@JackRussellTees.com

The listed terms apply to both customers, browsers as well as our client artists and fulfillment center employees.  By using this website, included by not limited to viewing content, registering an account with JackRussellTees.com. Submitting artwork for consideration, or ordering any products made available to the public through this website, you have read and understand and agree to the terms listed in this document.  It is our intent to protect our artists copyrights, there will be no compliance issues with our artists or employees infringing on the copyrights of any artists or corporations that have already created similar artwork.  If you do not agree to follow the terms of this agreement, please exit the website at this time.

Be advised that JackRussellTees.com does make changes to the website on a regular basis to keep our product line and artists updated and providing new exciting products for our customers' ultimate enjoyment and purchase.  If there is a change made to our Terms of Use it will be updated here within this document.  We are not obligated to create special notice to you, rather it is your responsibility to read the Terms of Use on a regular basis to keep apprised of any updates.

You affirm that you are at least 18 years of age, or an emancipated minor or possess parental consent to view, share and order from this website.  This website is not intended for the use of anyone considered “underage” as you are unable to enter into any legal agreement or document until you have come of adult age.

In order to view certain areas of the website, you will be requested to create an account with JackRussellTees.com.  This is to assure confidentiality of our account holders, customers and artists and assists with the delivery of purchased items.  Your financial information is kept securely and we are SSL complaint per all regulations and agreements worldwide.  The information you provide is your responsibility to be accurate and it is illegal and forbidden to use another persons' identify whether with email address, phone, street address etc.

You are expected to keep your account information confidential at all times.  If you forget your password, there are options or you to contact our customer service department to reset your password after confirmation of your identity based upon prior information provided on your account.  Changes to your account information such as address updates can be made through “My Account” options.  If at any time you feel your information has been compromised, it is your responsibility to contact our Customer Service Department immediately to lock out the account and further investigate the issues you describe to us through an email.

JackRussellTees.com cannot be held liable for the misuse of any account created by any unauthorized use of your account; you might be liable for any purchases or other misuse of your account due to unauthorized use of your account by another person.


Design Submissions

 All artists who submit designs for consideration to JackRussellTees.com own their artwork, and are considered the copyright holder of such artwork.  Every artist who submits art to be used for our products signs a contract with a non disclosure, non compete clause that gives a specific term of use for any artwork provided to JackRussellTees.com.  Concluding any contract is done by direct mail within 30 days of withdrawal of any artwork submitted.  Orders that have already been placed at that time will be processed and the artist paid as directed though their individual contract with JackRussellTees.com.

JackRussellTees.com does actively solicit the work of various artists and is not limited to any number of artists to be submitting artwork for consideration at any given time.  Artists may contact JackRussellTees.com at any time with new art submissions, following our directions on how to submit art for consideration. They must also read and agree to the individual agreements for artists on submission of art prior to their first submission.   NO vulgar, or inappropriate by usual standards will be accepted and a denial letter would be sent to the artist for any artwork that cannot be produced by our fulfillment teams.  We respect the rights of others to have various ideas of what is great art and others may not see all art for its beauty, but we do strive not to offend any race, gender, political affiliation or other protected rights under the law.  Satire and humor is allowed and the purchaser of any product accepts the responsibility that purchasing products from JackRussellTees.com does not constitute agreement, endorsement or any other such ideas as we are providing a service to a wide and very diverse customer base.


Intellectual Property of Others

Intellectual  property (IP) includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, trade dress, and rights of publicity.  JackRussellTees.com respects the rights of the holders of all such copyrights, patents, trademarks et al and ask that you do the same.  The “Mickey Mouse Rule” that prohibits any artist from re-creating any art that could reasonably identify with the product or art of another is held highly and anyone violating that rule will be excluded from submitting art for consideration.  When using, accessing our JackRussellTees.com website you may not post, submit, modify, distribute or reproduce in any way any material including any unsolicited designs that infringes on the IP of another person or company.

If you are a copyright owner and feel that your artwork has been violated in some manner by one of the submitting artists to JackRussellTees.com you may submit at DMCA take-down notification to JackRussellTees.com.  Please refer to JackRussellTees.com DMCA policy listed within our website or contact Customer.Service@JackRussellTees.com for additional information.

If you are an artist who has received a request for a DMCA take-down to to copyright infringement, please refer to the guidelines of the DMCA policy listed within your Artist contract information provided prior to submission of any artwork to JackRussellTees.com.  If you feel this notice is due to a misunderstanding or mistake you have the right to appeal the notice.  JackRussellTees.com reserves the right to take down any artwork that is or appears to violate the DMCA policies of the company.

JackRussellTees.com is not responsible for the IP rights of or relating to unsolicited designs on the JackRussellTees.com.  You agree to waive, and hereby do waive any legal or equitable  rights or remedies you have or may have against JackRussellTees.com with respect thereto and to the extent permitted by applicable law, agree to indemnify and hold harmless JackRussellTees.com, its owners, affiliates, licenses, and licensees to the fullest extent allowed by law regarding all matters related to your use of the JackRussellTees.com website.

JackRussellTees.com Intellectual Property (IP)

Except as expressly provided in these Terms of Use, you are not granted any rights or license to intellectual property owned by JackRussellTees.com. We reserve all rights not expressly granted in these terms of use.  JackRussellTees.com does not own any submitted artwork by independent artists through the artist submission provisions of our company.  All artists retain their copyrights to all of their intellectual property.

All content of the JackRussellTees.com website is solely owned and and copyrights belong to JackRussellTees.com alone and is not shared with any artist or customer client who may submit art or other products for purchasing within our site.  All content, images, IP and the like are copy-written 2017 by JackRussellTees.com and JackRussellApps LLC  Content that is covered and protected include but are not limited to images, pricing, software code, graphics, user interfaces, financial portals, music, videos, logos, additional artwork use in the formation of the screen pages, selection of design and products, assembly, fulfillment, coordination of services and the like are solely owned by JackRussellTees.com and JackRussellApps LLC.

Trademarks and Branding

The following trademarks, logos and other protected verbiage found within the JackRussellTees.com website include but are not limited to the JackRussellApps Logo, JackRussellTees.com logo and banner graphics.

JRTees Flash Sales, Financial invoices and payment portal options and the like are all expressly forbidden to be copied, downloaded or any other media capture of images of our art or other images within the website and we will litigate any offenders to the fullest extent of the law protecting our Trademarks, Branding and Content.

Contracted artists with JackRussellTees.com may use the logo, with written permission, in advertising, as a part of artwork created for JackRussellTees.com and any circumstances that include the website design within the artists renditions.  Anyone not contracted with JackRussellTees.com is advised that they are not to use any logo, image or other media found within our website for their own personal use including artist work being used exclusively by JackRussellTees.com

The JackRussellTees.com website and all content contained within the website and various pages are solely owned by JackRussellTees.com and all products are sold AS IS.  There is no specific warranty or conditions of sale other than the exchange of money for product purchased by the consumer.  The website has been created as a means to show artist products for sale to the general public and the site is not to be used for any other purpose than the usual expectations of any product for sale within the website's domain.  Again you will not copy, save, download or otherwise capture images of the website, seek to copy software which is owned exclusively by JackRussellApps LLC.  You have no rights or ownership to the company and any violations will cause your account to be frozen and possibly turned over to local authorities for infringement violations.

No one viewing or using our website will post, transmit, redistribute, or promote any communications, content or materials that contain corrupted viruses, files, or other similar software files.  The intent of which is to damage the property of another persons computer or our website.  You are not allowed to offer sales through your own website of any item offered within the JackRussellTees.com or JackRussellApps LLC websites.  All promotional, sales and marketing programs are handled within the company's guidelines.

You further agree to not launch any “bots” “spiders” or “robots” to disseminate cause harm or to harvest our customer information as well as the identity of our contracted artists.  We reserve  the right to revoke the use of our site by anyone who does not comply with our Terms of Use.  Again, you agree to not collect, view or search for the personal information of our customers, financial institutions, artists or company employees.  Doing such is a direct attach against our clients rights to expected privacy when viewing our websites.

On occasion JackRussellTees.com may provide links to third party sites for the combined marketing programs, promotional items, JRTee Flash Sales, et al.  We do not accept responsibility for any other website and their terms of use, only those that are directly involved with JackRussellTees.com and JackRussellApps LLC.   We encourage you to read the Terms of Use of every website that you might choose to visit.

You agree to receive email from our site as well as promotional items, push notifications and JRTee Flash Sale notifications.  You may opt out from email solicitations through our Customer.service@JackRussellTees.com email service.

All communications from you to our company is not considered confidential but will be read , respectfully and reasonably handled by our customer service team members.  We do not sell nor share the personal information of any of our clients or artists.


JackRussellTees.com does not assume responsibility for misunderstood information, incomplete information or any other issue that could arise when dealing with diverse individuals. We provide no warranty, stated or implied and all products are sold as is. 
If there is an issue with the quality, or an incomplete order you are requested to send a detailed account of your complaint to customer.service@JackRussellTees.com.  All issues are handled in confidence and within a reasonable amount of time to respond.  JackRussellTees.com assumes no responsibility and will not be held liable for any misdirected communications, delayed or lost communications through the JackRussellTees.com website.

Returns, Refund and Exchange Policy

Items that have been personalized (PND) cannot be returned as they are unique to the buyer. We are not responsible for misspelled name drops as the customer inserts the text desired into the purchase themselves, and is not reviewed by our staff.

If you request an item to be returned due to manufacturer defect, please send an email to Customer.Service@JackRussellTees.com.  Please include the order number, date of the order and details as to the manufacturing defect. You may send photos of the defects with your email.

1. If your request for return is approved; we will assign you a return tracking number for return.

The item returned must be in unused condition. Any item that has been worn, used or altered will not be accepted for return or exchange.

2. Please mail the item (at your expense) to:


     Post Office Box 2203

     Oshkosh, WI 54903-2203

3. Include in your package a signed letter stating the reason for your return and the original packing slip and receipt.

Approved Exchanges are only for the same design, color and size of the original order.

In Addition

We have endeavored to cover what is considered usual and customary terms of use for the industry in which we operate which is the internet sales and product marketing and promotions.  This document is not meant to be inclusive of every situation that could arise, but within reasonable expectations of mutual respect and work ethics.  If you have additional questions, please contact us at Customer.Service@JackRussellTees.com.

JackRussellTees.com and JackRussellApps LLC operates out of the State of Wisconsin, USA.  You may write to us at Post Office Box 2203, Oshkosh, WI 54903-2203 attention to Director of Operations for any concerns, feedback or other need to address our company directly through the postal system.  Any disputes would be handled by arbitration only through Winnebago County, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  JackRussellTees.com and JackRussellApps LLC makes no representation that the information on this website, or these Terms of Use pages to be appropriate for any other website, product or artist renditions or for use in other locations.  If you choose to access this website through other locations, you do so at your own risk and liability.  You are responsible  for compliance with any local laws depending on the location in which you reside.

JackRussellApps LLC reserves the right to discontinue any aspect of the JackRussellTees.com website and the products or art offered without prior notice.

These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and the JackRussellTees.com website and its products.  We invite you to ask questions so that you fully understand anything that is unclear in our Terms and Use however; the rules of the Terms of Use will prevail.  If you disagree with any of the Terms of Use, please exit out of the website at this time, and thank you for your interest in JackRussellTees.com.