About us

JackRussellTees.com is a division of JackRussellApps.com which was formed in 2009 in order to meet the media needs of small and large businesses alike.  Our artists want to provide to our customers the same high level, quality and appearance in the marketplace.  We encourage and educate our artists as to what world trends are for many age and gender genre's  Everyone has their own idea of what is fashion, what is filled with satire, humor and serious statements.  We all like to wear who we are on our shirts. We, at JackRussellTees.com, encourage ideas, new art, and new ideas to be used for anyone who wishes to wear it, and wear it well.  We use only high end products and printing processes.  We have artists who have worked with us as far back as the 1990's when we were The Screen Shop Ltd, a successful screen printing shop which won many awards for cutting edge technology for 10+ color printing.

We have loyal, talented artists, printers and customer service representatives available for the best quality in the printing industry.

To find out more about our company, we encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions page and as always, you can contact us directly at: customer.service@JackRussellTees.com.


Thank you for this opportunity to create great art for you; wearable, anywhere.